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Name of the Guild:
National Guild of Professional Consultants
Acronim: NGPC
Data of creation: 20 January 2000

Mission of the Guild is to encourage of strengthening and prosperity of national economics through development of consulting services in the space Business-Consulting-State.

The main objectives of the Guild are:

  to provide businessmen, consultants and officials with effective interaction; 
  to develop consulting activities and improve the quality of consulting services in Russia.

Activities of the Guild:
In order to achieve its objectives, the Guild:

  creates favourable environment for effective interaction between officials, businessmen and consultants;
  organises integrated and complex services for clients;
  forms the Data Base with modern and successful technologies and methods of consulting activities;
  develops metodology, methods and technologies of integrated consulting;
  organises conferences, seminars, workshops and presentations;
  organises training of the consultants, exchanging of experience;
  represents the common interests of its members, and those of the profession as a hole;
  makes proposals and statements in cases that fall within its scope of activities;
  co-operates with related national and foreign associations and organisations;
  helps the consultans and consulting firms in developing, implementing and assessment of their projects;
  develops a system of professional and ethical standarts and safequards the compliance of its members.

The Guild guarantees:

  reliability in the professional activity and interacting between partners of the Guild;
  advantage of strategic partnerships;
  "safety" of interaction.

Consulting firms
Independent consultants
Organisations and individuals who take interest in the consulting profession, agree with and support the objectives of the Guild, although their activities cannot be classified as consulting.

Conditions of Membership
1. Independence: They must be independent to the extent of being able to provide unbiased professional services to their clients.
2. Expertise (for consultants).
3. Ethics: Members must declare their commitment to the Code of Ethics of the Guild and to the highest professional and ethical standarts envisaged therein.
4. Experience: Members must prove to have been in the consulting or other business for at list 3 years.
5. Qualification: Members must demonstrate a superior level of intellectual and technical knowledge achieved by obtaining a university/institute degree and collecting sufficient experience in the field of activity.

The highest organ of the Guild is the General Assembly. The Guild holds at least one General Assembly every year.
The operation of the Guild is managed by the Council consisting of the President, two Vice Presidents and seven Council Members.
The General Assembly elects the Council for three years.
The Executive board is managed by Director General.

Term: Professional Consulting
Definition: Independent advice and assistance about management issues. It typically includes identification and investigation of problems and/or opportunities, recommendation of appropriate actions and assistance in their implementation.

Areas of consulting:
1. Corporate strategy and organisational development
2. Financial and administrative systems
3. Human resources
4. Production and service management (including technology, logistics, R&D and quality assurance)
5. Marketing and corporate communication
6. Information technology and systems
7. Project management
8. Audit
9. Legal advices
10. Economic and environmental studies

Term: Consulting company
Definition: It is a company with more than 60% of its earnings coming from consulting activities provided for clients who have no organisational relationship with its parent company (or group of companies) or its founding public body.

Term: Independant consultant
Definition: Self-employed professional performing consulting in any of the above listed areas and possessing the necessary qualification and experience.


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